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Exciting Team Building Vietnam OptionsExciting Team Building Vietnam Options

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Constructing a good working relationship towards yourself and your fellow workmates is essential in any type of organisation where you belong. The success of any business doesn’t just depend on the Management or employee’s effort alone. There must be unity, trust, effective communication, team appreciation, understanding and acceptance within the group to finish a job..

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For Team building Vietnam and CSR activities – Please call our experts in Hanoi or Saigon, Vietnamteam building Vietnam | Cooking Class Vietnam | Vietnam CSR activities

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We offer a wide range of Team building Vietnam activities or incentives travel in Vietnam. Either it is a city treasure hunt, cooking class, ice breaking or a charity team building/CSR activities, beside the main concepts of creating team ponds and fun, our aim are to let participants to interacting with local people and discover the destination specialties as we are understanding that International Corporate Groups are always on a tight schedule so they too can experience Vietnam’s spoke of charm! – Please CONTACT US for more information or request a full proposal detail.

A City Treasure Hunt …

Can bring you to the opportunity to learn the age old betrothal ceremonies, the history of the architecture and the significance of drinking and eating within Vietnamese culture….. and of course in a fun and interactive educational race around the city to explore the 1000 year old “Emperor’s Secret”….

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Unique Team Building in VietnamTeam building in Vietnam - Unique travel experiences

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Thang Long – Hanoi is one of Asia‘s most ancient capital cities, Hanoi covers a thousand years of history. Its old temples, sanctuaries and shrines reveal the amazing history of ancient Thang Long, now known as Hanoi.
Recent archaeological excavations within Hanoi’s city walls have uncovered an abundance of relics attesting to the enormous scale and influences of Thang Long’s history. During recent excavations, archaeologists chanced upon a relic letter written by an imperial maid of the Ly dynasty in the 11th century, revealing the location of the emperor’s hidden treasure. This letter had been passed through generations of her family, with a sworn oath to protect its contents. The treasure has yet to be discovered.
Asia Top DMC Vietnam is now the owner of this letter and is offering you the opportunity to be a part of the exploration team to unlock the thousand year old secret and discover the long lost treasures of Hanoi.

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Corporate Team Building VietnamCorporate Team Building Vietnam

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Team building is a vital concept all organizations must come to understand and attempt to implement. By organizing specialized activities geared toward engendering trust and establishing rapport, any company can greatly improve its productivity levels. Employees will also have a greater sense of camaraderie after participating in team building exercises, thereby promoting the desire to..

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Part Of Hanoi’s Millennium Celebration In VietnamAnother team exercises in Vietnam that offer unique travel experiences


“1000 Years of Thang Long-Hanoi” is the title used to describe planned celebrations in Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi to commemorate 1000 years of the city’s existence. There are several events in Vietnam to coincide with this landmark anniversary. Asia Top DMC Vietnam provides a creative way to be a part of this historical celebration acknowledging the diversity of this culture-rich city.

Hanoi has been inhabited since around 3000 BC, but was not officially established until 1010. The densely populated easternmost country of Asia offers several Vietnam travel experiences for visitors that showcase native talent and the rich culture of the land. Ba Chua Xu and Go festival are just some of the many festivals and celebrations to entertain and delight travelers as part of an Asia Top DMC Vietnam travel experience.
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